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Making The Switch To Solar Easy.

Whether you’re looking to start saving money for your family or you simply want to change to a clean, sustainable form of energy, making the switch to solar at home has never been easier. With Ryde Energy’s competitive prices and top-notch quality, getting started is simple. Our solar experts will work closely with you to tailor a package that works for your family, home and goals – so you can get connected sooner.

The best choice for your family home.
We know that going solar is an investment – but it’s one that quickly pays off. The team at Ryde has spent time sourcing the ideal solar panels for your family home. They’re low maintenance, require no fuel to operate and last for over 20 years – what’s not to love? As well as providing you with an affordable price for your solar system, you’ll start saving up to 80% on your energy costs as soon as your panels are installed. Almost two million Australian homes have already taken the leap, and it’s easy to join them. Chat with us today and we’ll help you find the perfect system to suit your family.

Making The Switch To Solar Easy.


With growing electricity costs, both humble homeowners and large corporate businesses are struggling to keep up. Investing in renewable energy solutions is one of the most effective ways to see consistent savings. We’ll provide you with an energy system you’ll love that won’t break the bank.
Our reliable systems can last for over 20 years with minimal maintenance and no ongoing fuel costs. You can begin to save more for your family’s future or invest in creating new streams of revenue for your business.

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